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Love Expert Reveals the Secrets to a Successful Relationship | Spirit on Women of Impact

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Host of Love Goals on the OWN Network and in possession of a PhD in General Psychology, the therapist known as Spirit combines gritty real-world experience with high-level academic thinking in her straight-forward, powerful advice. She not only gets to the point, she nails the most important point every time. And on this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Spirit takes on some of the most important questions that everyone who struggles with dating and relationships need answered. She explains why you have to see dating as an interview process, breaks down the difference between chemistry and compatibility, and details exactly how to focus on solutions instead of problems in your relationship.

pirit breaks down the difference between chemistry and compatibility [1:45] People often mistake the relationship’s chemistry changing for falling out of love [3:56] Spirit explains how people end up feeling that they are incompatible [6:45] When you are dating, that is the perfect time to go slow and really take stock [8:32] Spirit talks about how someone can be a 10 at 2 AM but a 2 at 10 AM [11:34] There are three sides: you, your partner and the relationship [14:38] Spirit explains what to do instead of focusing on the problems [17:57] There is science to relationships, and you can control intensity, duration and connection [19:48] Relationship problems and habits are passed down through the generations [22:01] Spirit explains how to deal with feelings, thoughts and behaviors [24:41] If you can change the way you think and behave, everything else will fall in line [27:33]

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