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Where To Buy Usb Drive

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Once ubiquitous, USB flash drives have declined in popularity with the advent of the cloud, but these portable devices have a lot to offer. Also known as thumb drives or memory sticks, flash drives provide storage to back up precious photos, play movies on the big screen, or copy files from one phone or laptop to another. They are affordable, small enough to fit on a keychain, and boast ever-increasing capacities and data transfer speeds.

After testing many, these are the best USB flash drives for various purposes and budgets. If you need more than 1 terabyte of storage, check out our guide to the Best Portable Storage Drives. And don't forget to back up your digital life.

If you want a flash drive to back up and copy photos and other files from your smartphone, I like the iXpand Luxe. It has a Lightning plug for iPhones and iPads at one end and flips to reveal a USB-C plug at the other, so you can transfer files to or from Android devices and laptops. It has a metal casing with a loop for a keychain, and it is very slim. This design means that one plug is always exposed, and while SanDisk includes a separate plastic cover that slots on, I fear I'll inevitably lose it. Storage options top out at 256 gigabytes.

Seeking a flash drive with a durable enclosure? The Survivor Stealth from Corsair is tough to beat. It has a ridged, cylindrical, anodized aluminum housing with ridged rubber covers at each side. One end has an opening for a keychain, and screws open to reveal the drive, which has a standard USB-A plug. When screwed shut properly, this drive is waterproof to a depth of 200 meters, and the enclosure is vibration- and shock-resistant. I dropped it in a glass of water and let the cat chase it around, and it still works fine. Its performance is fairly average (85 MB/s read, 70 MB/s write), so it takes a while to complete a big backup or transfer large files. Its storage capacities are also relatively small and go up to 128 gigs.

An elegant one-piece design makes this USB flash drive eye-catching and practical. The metal casing comes in silver or gray, with a curved design that makes it easy to withdraw and a loop so you can slip it on to a keyring. Test read speeds were just shy of 400 MB/s, with write speeds just over 100 MB/s, but the smaller drives (32 GB and 64 GB) are significantly slower. The Bar Plus is also a durable option, with Samsung claiming it is waterproof, shock-proof, temperature-proof, magnet-proof, and X-ray-proof.

You can get USB drives with all sorts of different security measures, but this Lexar model has a convenient fingerprint scanner. The body of the drive and scanner are metal with a loop for a keychain at the top and a black sliding plastic cover to protect the USB-A plug. You have to set the fingerprint scanner up on a Windows PC, and you can register up to 10 fingerprints. I registered my thumb, and it was scanned as soon as I slotted it into a computer, giving me access to the secure partition, which boasts 256-bit AES encryption.

There is also a public partition that can be accessed like a regular drive, so you can access some files without fingerprint protection if you need to. Read speeds are quite good, but write speeds are slow (150 MB/s read, 60 MB/s write). You can get it in 32-, 64-, 128-, or 256-gigabyte options.

On a Mac: Type Disk Utility into the Search, or find it via Applications > Utilities. Select your drive from the list and click Erase at the top. Then you can rename and choose a format.

On a Windows computer: You can click the Safely Remove Hardware notification icon in the taskbar and choose the Eject option. If you prefer not to have to eject, type Device Manager into the search bar and click to open. Expand Disk Drives and right-click on your USB flash drive, choose Properties, Policies, and set to Quick Removal.

Connectors: Most flash drives have USB-A connectors, but you can also get drives with USB-C, MicroUSB, and Lightning connectors. If you plan on using a flash


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