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Tamil Pambu Panchangam Pdf 31

Tamil Pambu Panchangam Pdf 31

Pambu Panchangam is the name of a Tamil almanac published by Manonmani Vilasam Press in Chennai. The almanac is popularly referred to as the Pambu Panchangam because the cover page of the almanac carries a prominent image of a snake (Tamil: பம்ப, pāmpu). The snake represents the Moon and its 27 nakshatras (lunar mansions) in Indian astrology. The almanac follows the traditional Tamil solar calendar and provides information on various aspects of life such as festivals, auspicious days, eclipses, planetary transits, etc.


The Pambu Panchangam is based on the Surya Siddhanta, an ancient Hindu astronomical text that describes the motion of the Sun and the Moon. The almanac uses a system of calculation called the Vakya system, which is derived from Sanskrit verses (vakya) that encode mathematical formulas. The Vakya system is unique to Tamil Nadu and is different from the Drik system used by most other Indian almanacs. The Vakya system is said to be more accurate in predicting solar and lunar events for the geographical region of Tamil Nadu.

The Pambu Panchangam has been in publication since 1883 and is one of the oldest and most trusted almanacs in Tamil Nadu. The publisher's title for the almanac for the Tamil year 2021-2022 is Asal No. 31, Pilava Varsha Suddha Vakya Panchangam (அசல் 31ந. பலவ வரஷ சத்த வக்கய பஞ்சங்கம்). The almanac covers the period from April 14, 2021 to April 13, 2022. The almanac is available in both print and digital formats. The digital format can be downloaded as a PDF file from [this link].

The Pambu Panchangam is a valuable source of information for anyone who follows the Tamil culture and traditions. It helps to plan various activities according to the auspicious and inauspicious times indicated by the almanac. It also provides guidance on religious rituals, ceremonies, fasting days, etc. The almanac is widely used by astrologers, priests, and laypeople alike for horoscope matching, muhurtha selection, and other astrological purposes. The Pambu Panchangam is a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down for generations.


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