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That Level Again 4 All Endings PORTABLE

So, I was messing around in level 79 called shifts, where pieces of the map can be shifted up and down, when I discovered that if you got on top of the 4th piece that shifts and shift it up, you can get out of bounds to a secret door, then when you enter the door, your game glitches and when you press on the screen again, it kicks you out to the main menu, does anyone have any info on this easter egg?

That Level Again 4 All Endings

I am glad to announce that our Convenient Care service (after hour Clinic) will resume its availability to patients beginning March 15th. The hours will be 5:00P to 8:00P on Monday through Friday, and 9:00A to 3:00P on Saturdays and Sundays. Entry will be through the East Entrance of the hospital, and it is very important for those seeking its care to tell the registration attendant that you are preferring Convenient Care vs. Emergent Care. If the initial nurse assessment confirms that level of care, you will be registered for the lesser cost of care. If the Emergency Room is quite busy, than there may be a wait in attending to a lesser need for immediate care.

Here's the good news - the endings of Nier Replicant largely flow in a sequential manner, meaning that you'll be able to obtain one after the other - but you'll have to fulfil certain requirements along the way.

In addition, nothing is quite as it seems in this game - and you'll find your subsequent play-throughs of Nier Replicant reveal additional story scenes and detail which adds quite a bit to the story - and that's without mentioning the changing and expanding endings themselves.

The Cat Suit is required for this cheat, so pick one up in World 1-1 Super Bell Hill and hold it in your inventory or wear it through the level. Near the end of the underground portion of the level is a pipe that splits into two paths, one with a loop with coins in it.

On the far side are three long ? blocks that are invisible against the rear wall. Use these to reach the upper path with a lone Koopa patrolling it. Above this Koopa is a hard-to-spot gap in the ceiling. Run up the rear wall to find a red warp pipe. This will warp you to World 2!

If you reach the top of a flag pole, the flag on the map screen will turn gold instead of your characters color. If you get all the Green Stars in a level, a spinning Green Star will appear above the flag pole replacing the metal ball. The symbol on the flag will also change depending on which character was used for that level or, if you're playing multiplayer, who got the highest on the flagpole. If you use all 5 characters in the level at some point in time, (Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach and Rosalina) The green star pendant will turn golden, along with the rest of the flagpole. You do not need to use all characters at the same time, because that is imposible.

If you play the game with multiple players, they all count for this challenge so long as they touch the end flag. This means that the shortest way to get all 85 Stamps is to play the game once with three characters playing at once, then play every level again with Rosalina and the remaining character.

Once you have gained all 100 Cat Shines in Bowser's Fury, you can challenge Fury Bowser again (who will sport a new white fiery mane). Giga Bells won't respawn during this fight, but if you manage to win, you'll find that Bowser Jr. will sport a new look if you return to the lake, and Cat Mario will retain his giga look even when small!

Each of the eighteen levels contains four jewel pieces, found within boxes, that need to be collected. When four jewel pieces in a level are joined, they form a jewel. The color of the Jewels varies on the passage they are collected in. The player must collect all jewel pieces in a passage to gain access to the boss. A Keyzer must be collected to unlock the next level. Without the Keyzer, the four jewel pieces in that level can still be collected, but the door to the next level remains locked.

Wario enters a level through a vortex which closes behind him. The only way to open it again is to find the switch somewhere in the level. This reopens the vortex and allows Wario to return to the map screen. A time limit is given to return to the vortex. The player should focus on finding the four jewel pieces and the Keyzer before hitting the switch if possible. However, there are some areas that can only be accessed by hitting the switch, due to the Kaeru Blocks. When the switch is hit, all transparent Kaeru Blocks become solid, while all solid blocks become transparent. This opens up new areas that can only be accessed when the switch is hit, so there may be some other jewel pieces or the Keyzer to find in that new area.

As soon as the switch is hit, a timer appears on screen. The amount of time given to reach the vortex varies on the level and the game mode the player has selected. If the timer runs out, the player's score quickly depletes and the level becomes black and white. When the score reaches zero, Wario is sent back to the main map and must start the level again.

The game records the player's best score according to their points collected in each level. The amount of points obtained in a level affects what icon appears on the map screen when standing at the entrance of that level, next to the best score. A score of above 10,000 shows a gold crown, 8,000 to 9,990 shows a silver crown, and a score of 6,000 to 7,990 shows a bronze crown. A score of below 6,000 shows no crown.

There are two pink areas in each level (excluding the Entry Passage and Golden Passage). Each one is found in a Warp Pipe, and contains either a diamond worth 1,000 points, or an amount of coins that are worth roughly 1,000 points when combined. Wario must solve some sort of puzzle to obtain these points, usually using Arewo Shitain-hakase as an object to throw. Completing these rooms is optional and not necessary to complete the level or the game, but they provide an opportunity for the player to earn a few extra points. Likewise, the player never sees a jewel piece or a Keyzer in a pink area, but Full Health Items can be seen in some rooms.

In every level, except for the Entry Passage and the Golden Pyramid, there is a hidden CD that can be collected and played in the Sound Room, each containing a different soundtrack. There is a total of sixteen CDs to collect. A Karaoke can also be unlocked, which is a full song with Japanese vocals. It can be unlocked by getting 10,000 or more points in each of the eighteen levels. The Karaoke may also be temporarily unlocked by pressing Start, Select, Up, L, and R together at the same time, while in the Sound Room.

The last part of the game does not introduce new enemies, aside from the creatures created by the Golden Diva. Some enemies that are otherwise exclusive to the Sapphire Passage reappear in the Golden Passage, the last level before the final boss. This includes Skeleton Birds, Men'onos, and Miniculas.

The game received generally positive reviews. The "portable masterpiece" received praise and excellent review scores on its soundtrack, collectibles throughout the game and its general thrill of satisfaction. One gaming website commented about even on its ten year anniversary, it "still remains the best portable Mario game to date".[5] IGN gave Wario Land 4 a nine out of ten, or "Outstanding", citing its well thought out level design and replayability, and how the game "puts a lot more emphasis on action" compared to its predecessors.[6] Praise was also given to how much attention the developers paid to the sounds and music. It was not given a full ten because the game does not necessarily push the performance power of the Game Boy Advance in regards to animation design. The website quoted that "it's a little disappointing to see that Wario isn't much of a step beyond his GBC adventure in terms of art and animation...other than the sprite effects, it could have been done on the 8-bit handheld".

Under the arrangement worked out with prosecutors, the existing convictions were set aside in return for the agreement of all three to be charged again, to plead guilty, and to be sentenced to the time they had already served. In other words, they were not exonerated; they were convicted again, but under the new convictions, they serve no additional time in prison and get to go home. Among other things, according to prosecutor Scott Ellington, it protects the state from being sued for wrongful imprisonment in the event they were retried and acquitted. They remain, in the eyes of the law, guilty, despite the fact that they maintain that, in fact, they are innocent. (This particular kind of guilty plea is called an Alford plea after the case where it was established; lots of information about Alford pleas is linked from here.)

As the films tell the story, they were misfits in West Memphis, teenagers who listened to the wrong music and dressed the wrong way and made people intensely uncomfortable. Misskelley, a 17-year-old with a reported I.Q. of 72 when he was arrested, confessed to the police after a lengthy interrogation, only to almost immediately recant. The Supreme Court of Arkansas later called the confession, in which he admitted being present but primarily incriminated Echols and Baldwin, "virtually the only evidence" against Misskelley, and noted that it contained "a confusing amalgam of times and events" and "numerous inconsistencies," both internally and with the actual physical evidence in the case. The court nevertheless upheld his conviction.

The Crash Bandicoot games have always provided players with plenty of trophies, collectibles and challenges to complete in its many levels, and Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is no different. In order to unlock the normal ending of Crash Bandicoot 4, all that is needed is for players to complete all the main story levels. But for those seeking an extra challenge, two extra endings can be unlocked after a player reaches 100% completion of the game.

There are two bonus endings beyond the main story ending of Crash 4 that players can unlock with some extra effort. While the story in the latest game isn't too intricate, beyond Crash and Coco attempting to thwart Neo Cortex's plans once again, these endings in Crash 4 may still have some impact on the future of the franchise. Without spoiling the content of Crash 4's secret endings, here is how players can unlock the content for themselves. 041b061a72


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