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Sim City 4 Devotion


Sim City 4 Devotion

Savegame (.sc4) files are DBPF files, containing a number of files specific to the city, including various subfiles, like Network Subfiles, the Building Subfile but also the Advisor Subfiles, etc. They can be opened with Reader by ilive and the SC4 Savegame Explorer by wouanagaine. However, as critical parts of the file encoding have not been discovered, and Maxis used a checksum algorithm on these files, voiding them when anything is changed to them outside the game, there is currently no editing program capable of successfully modifying these files except for SimCity 4 itself. Some of the files have at least had their purpose identified and been named, while even fewer have been partially or fully decoded.

I downloaded the NAM 39 mod for Simcity 4 steam edition, but it won't show up on my game. I tried doing the roundabout feature to test it out and it doesn't work. How do I get the NAM to actually enter my gameplay

The big difference between the NAM's Traffic Simulator Plugins and the game's default is that it causes the traffic simulation to look for the route that takes the shortest amount of time, rather than merely the shortest distance. For instance, the game will recognize that the Avenue you built has a higher speed/capacity and actually allow it to be utilized, rather than clogging a Street simply because it's two tiles shorter.

Before you begin reading, keep in mind that unlike the previous SimCity games and the newer SimCity, you have to start small. You can't start with tall buildings or compact buildings, and have to sprawl out before you can build upwards. For a beginner it's recommended to build a large city (I'd say 4 or more 2x2 tiles completely full) before upgrading to higher densities and wealth levels. While you can do so with a small town, it becomes quite tricky to manage.

One thing you can do to prevent SimCity 4 from building lots that are too large, exp. for R$$ housing, is to align your lots. Simcity 4 will automatically 'merge' lots, however can only do so when their dimensions align such that the combined new lot is a rectangle. You can abuse this.For example, let's design a zone like this:

However, before you run off and design your whole city like this, it's necessary you learn all about 'demand caps' and 'stage limits', which can prevent simcity building on those 'trick' lots if you build too many of them in a small city. If you for example only built 1x1 lots, you would never get any medium- or high-wealth housing at all because of these stage limits.

So in order to get those 'stage 2' and 'stage 3' buildings for medium-wealth, what you need to do is attract a lot more medium-wealth residents. I'd recommend not upgrading to medium-wealth until you can have around 5,000 or more R$$ residents if you want to make more money. In general, at the start of the game, you'll likely get a balance of 80-20. In other words, until your city is 40,000 souls big, don't bother with medium wealth.

In Rush Hour, Maxis lowered the stage caps, but only for Low-wealth buildings. That's why they 'seem' more efficient. In truth, it really holds only for small cities. Once your city gets bigger, those 4x6 mansions will become quite rare (only 5% of R$$$ wants to live in nothing denser) and rich folks will start to tolerate to live in 2x3 mansions or in apartments, which means more simoleans for you than the equivalent value in R$ housing.

The program at simtropolis has a database with more info. Note that you need XP compatibility mode, it's quite an old program. When stage '123' is indicated that means it depends on 'lot size'. E.g. stage 3 are the same building as stage 1 but on a smaller lot. For even more information you can also check out the pages over at The SC4 devotion wiki on the individual buildings.

NOTE All values provided above are per month (obviously) and I play on hard difficulty. Your values will be higher if you play on medium difficulty, and higher still if you play o


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