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Who Buys Gift Cards For Cash Near Me

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We all have those gift cards we just never used -- the ones for places you used to shop but don't anymore, or the gifts from a well meaning friend or relative who just doesn't know you as well as they think. Luckily, you don't have to just throw these gift cards out or spend them on things you'll never actually use.

There are plenty of places willing to buy gift cards, both online and in person. It's important to find someplace trustworthy so you don't end up giving your gift card away and getting nothing in return -- luckily, all the research here is done for you!

Something that you might not initially think of that seems obvious in hindsight is the idea of checking Google Maps for a nearby kiosk. You can easily search for a term such as "sell my gift card" and Google Maps will list any available kiosks near you. Pick a kiosk, bring your gift card there, and get that money!

Target sells gift cards, of course -- but did you know they buy them as well You can bring your gift card to the electronics section of your local Target, and they'll give you an offer that you can accept or refuse.

Selling your gift cards in person might feel safer -- and gets you the cash quicker -- than selling online, but it's certainly not as convenient. If you'd rather go with the online option, don't worry -- you have plenty of websites to choose from.

One option to sell your gift card online is ClipKard. You can only sell physical gift cards, and you'll need to enter the gift card number (though not the PIN number) to get your offer. If you're happy with it, you can accept, ship the gift card off, and get paid!

With Raise, you can sell both physical and e-gift cards. You get to set the price and sell your gift card directly to another buyer, and there's no listing fees -- but when the card sells, Raise takes a 15% commission. You can sell partially used gift cards as well, though there's a minimum balance limit for those -- $10 for a physical card, and $5 for an e-gift card.

GameFlip is -- you guessed it -- a website for gamers to buy and sell gift cards (and other things as well). It prides itself on being at the top of the list when it comes to safety and preventing fraud. Similar to Raise, you can list your gift card yourself and choose the price, and they'll take a small cut once it sells.

There's very few people who haven't heard of eBay -- it's one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that exists. Luckily, it's also a great place to sell gift cards. It's simple enough to list, and you can list up to 250 items per month for free. That said, eBay does take a cut of the final sale price, so make sure to keep that in mind.

If you're not happy with any of the offers you get, or it's just too much of a hassle, you do have other options to get rid of unwanted gift cards.Regift -- If you know someone who just loves that store or restaurant, you can save some money on the next holiday by giving them your unused gift card.Donate -- Some gift cards, especially food and clothing ones, can easily be donated to people who need them -- either directly or through an organization built for that.Return -- Some retailers will take gift card returns as long as they're unused. That said, you'll usually need the original receipt, so hopefully the person who gave you the gift card won't be too offended if you ask for it.

Aside from random gift card purchases for birthdays or teacher gifts, some people also go out of their way to buy gift cards with a credit card, usually to earn rewards or save money on a specific purchase.

Buying gift cards in person is a breeze regardless of how you decide to pay. When you buy a gift card with a credit card in person, you simply bring the gift card to the register and choose credit as your form of payment.

Just make sure you pick the right type of rewards credit card for your gift card purchases. Some rewards credit cards only let you earn cash back, while others offer flexible rewards or points you can use in a specific airline or hotel program.

As a side note, buying gift cards from small businesses can also be a helpful move if you are looking for a way to help small businesses recover from the economic impact of COVID-19. By buying gift cards now, you can send businesses some much-needed cash and wait to redeem your gift card for goods or services at a later date.

Generally speaking, gift cards code as a cash advance when you buy them directly from a financial institution or when you buy a prepaid card instead of a gift card. However, you can get around this by buying gift cards within your normal shopping, such as in your weekly grocery haul at the supermarket.

You can also get around dealing with surprise cash advance fees by asking retailers if their gift cards code as a cash advance or purchase before you buy, or you can call your card issuer and ask them to turn off cash advances on your card altogether.

The best credit cards to use for gift cards are ones that let you rack up as much in rewards as you possibly can. With that being said, you should choose a credit card for gift cards carefully and based on the type of rewards you hope to earn.

Why this card is ideal for gift cards: Use this card for gift card purchases made at office supply stores in order to earn 5 percent back on up to $25,000 spent each account anniversary year.

Why this card is ideal for gift cards: This card lets you earn 4 percent back on gift cards purchased at gas stations, up to annual limits. and Costco stores also offer a broad selection of gift cards you could earn 2 percent back on, including gift cards offered at a discounted rate.

The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (Credit CARD) Act provides several protections for consumers who purchase certain types of gift cards, including store and restaurant (also known as merchant) gift cards. These cards can only be redeemed at the stores and restaurants that sell them. Bank gift cards, which carry the logo of a payment card network (e.g., Visa, MasterCard), are also subject to Credit CARD Act protections and can be used wherever the brand is accepted.

Another common scam is someone who poses as an attorney for a family member and claims that the family member is in trouble with the law and needs assistance. They contact you by phone or email, and ask you to purchase gift cards in specific amounts to pay them. These are all red flags to a scam, and once you purchase the gift cards, the scammers will tell you to provide them with the code numbers and PINs that are usually located on the back of cards so that the scammer can redeem them.

Did you know that you can actually exchange these for instant cash Pretty awesome, right! Now those unwanted gift cards never have to go to waste. Personally, I head out to a gift card exchange kiosk near me to swap them out for some extra cash in my pocket!

In fact, if more people knew about the advantages of a gift card kiosk, less money would be left on the table. According to a recent poll, more than half of U.S. adults (51%) get gift cards and forget to use them! This results in approximately $15.3 billion in value being left on the table!

If you do decide to accept the offer, the gift card exchange kiosk will print and dispense a check to you, which you can then take inside to the cashier to be changed. Note that this check is usually valid for just a day or two, so be sure to cash it in straight away!

EJ Gift Cards will pay you via PayPal within 24-72 hours, making it one of our TOP Picks for selling gift cards for cash online! So what are you waiting for Get an instant offer for your unused gift cards now!

Previously known as Gift Card Spread (GC Spread), GiftCardOutlets allows you to sell your unused gift cards online by naming your own price! Unlike the other online options, you have more control over the selling price of your card!

They then insist that you send them a refund. Because you are not dealing with an actual middle-man who specializes in the buying and selling of gift cards (like all the other platforms above), you can end up in a sticky situation.

GiftCardBin accepts gift cards from over 600 merchants making it super easy to sell all your unwanted cards! They have several methods of purchasing your cards including in-person, as well as via text.

Yes, you read correctly. You can actually sell your gift cards by texting. But just in case texting to sell is not your cup of tea, you can find the nearest GiftCardBin location here. Just take your gift cards and a valid form of ID to any one of their 600 partner locations (may be one of the locations listed below), and collect your cash!

Most Walmart locations have a gift card kiosk on the inside or outside. This makes it easy to trade in your cards during your next grocery run. Simply use the kiosk to conduct your transaction and take your check inside to the cashier to redeem your cash instantly!

Many malls and shopping centers also have gift card exchange kiosks for your convenience. Look out for them the next time you visit. Selling gift cards for cash instantly has never been easier. Seriously!

Maybe you find selling your gift cards would be too much of a hassle Perhaps you just want to find out how you can make it work for you Are you considering all of the options before making a final decision

No, you cannot. Coinstar no longer accepts gift cards, which means that you can no longer sell your unwanted gift cards at a Coinstar Kiosk. Instead, you can now trade your loose coins for gift cards or cash in return.

To sell gift cards online, find resale sites that will buy them for close to their face value, says Bethany Hollars, spokesperson for BrickSeek, a price-checking website. She advises comparing offer prices from several sites to get the highest price for your card.

You also may be offered the opportunity to trade your gift card for another gift card, generally something that has more value than the cash. If you have a 1-800 Flowers gift card worth $100, for example, you may be able to get $60 in cash or a Walmart gift card worth $61.50. The cash and and gift card offerings vary. 59ce067264


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