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Aiden Davis
Aiden Davis

Casio Fx 880p Buy

I own a Casio FX880P and i am looking for navigation. Particularly i want program which you input latitude and longitude for departure and destinatino (le.g lat=60.30 or -60.30 - is for South lat and + for North equvalent is for East and West longitude) and the program outputs the mercator distance in nautical miles and the course in degrees which should be followed. (e.g Course=090). I know there is such a program because someone else owner of a casio fx880p was running this program but unfortunately it was locked with an password which he didn't know? This program can also be known as rhumb line or mercator sailing. If someone knows where i can fing such a program i would really appreciate. It is very vital for my job. I have also downloaded many programs and tranferred some of them to the casio but none seems to fit me besides they are written in spanish.Thanks for listening me...

casio fx 880p buy



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