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Aiden Davis
Aiden Davis

The Artist †March 2023

Sculpture was in high demand in the 19th century and became widely used as a way to display a person's social and political standings. The style and ideology represented by many of the sculptures were out of fashion by the mid-20th century, and the sculptures were put into storage and no longer displayed. It wasn't until the conversion of the Orsay railway station into the Musée d'Orsay museum in the 1970s that many sculptures from the 19th century were placed on exhibit again. The substantial nave inside the new museum offered a perfect area for the display of sculptures. During the grand opening in December 1986 of the museum, 1,200 sculptures were present, brought in from collections such as the Louvre, state loans, and Musée du Luxembourg. The museum also obtained more than 200 sculptures before opening though donations of art connoisseurs, the lineage of artists, and peoplein support of the Musée d'Orsay.[11]

The Artist – March 2023

The rules for this decades-old contest are simple: Use white paper napkins as your medium, and create art. Usually, entries are drawings or paintings on the napkins, varying in complexity from a basic sketch to portraiture to multi-hued pieces reminiscent of greats like Monet. As napkins are, by nature, an absorbent canvas, a few artists put a coating on the napkin before beginning, but most just work directly on the surface.

Sometimes artists take things a step further, like the 2010 contest winner, who sewed together a patchwork quilt of brightly painted squares of napkin. Over the years, the café has received jewelry, papier maché, and even a monkey sock puppet lookalike, all made out of napkins. 041b061a72


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