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Tamil Hd Movie 1080p Blu Boom

While the video may have minor limitations, 'Independence Day' fights back in the audio department with the strongest (and most aggressive) DTS:X sound mix I've heard thus far. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if DTS uses this movie to help sell the format. For this review, I am using a Denon AVR-X6200W nine-channel AV Receiver, on loan from Denon, and Marantz MM7205 two-channel amp to process and power a 7.1.4 DTS:X configuration.I began by watching select sequences on the Blu-ray to get a base sense of the 5.1 DTS-HD MA sound mix, which Matthew mentioned as having a "constant sense of direction and dimensionality." In truth, while you can sense its two-decade old origins (modern sound effects are a little more intricate; these ones are more tactile), this 5.1 track could compete with, and best, many modern blockbusters. Throw in Neural:X up-mixing and the results are even better.And then you step up to the native DTS:X mix...Which is, hands down, the most authoritative and aggressive the format has seen thus far. Everything that worked well in the 5.1 mix is enhanced with rear and overhead surround actively. Explosions roar around you. Wind blows. Bullets and sparks and alien screams ricochet. And let's not forget David Arnold's grand musical score. Outside intimate dialog scenes, height channels engage almost constantly. Also, if you like LFE, you're in for a real treat.What really impresses me about the mix, though, isn't its bombasity nature, but how many of the individual details you can hear in each effects pan. Listen the infamous landmark destruction sequence where you hear the whoop of the tumbling fire truck, the boom-boom-boom-boom of the Empire State Building's explosion, and the individual White House debris pieces colliding with the helicopter's spinning rotor. The whole disc, highlighted by its moments of disaster porn carnage, is nothing short of sheer audio delight destined to put a smile on the faces of surround junkies and DTS:X earlier adopters.The one issue worth noting is the disc's dynamic range, though I don't see this as a flaw. The main menu is cranked to a ridiculously high volume (matching the film's loudest moments). Also, it took me a little while to dial in my preferred listening volume, because if you set your AVR for dialog scenes, the action set-pieces are a little too loud. That said, I also watched the film at extremely low volumes (the baby was napping as I was writing) and all the clarity and detail remain. It's just that when you crank this soundtrack up, and you definitely should, it's a very theatrical experience.If you are set up for DTS:X (and have access to an Ultra HD Blu-ray player), this disc is worth buying for the mix alone.

tamil hd movie 1080p blu Boom



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