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This dataset contains counts of live births to California residents by ZIP Code based on information entered on birth certificates. Final counts are derived from static data and include out-of-state births to California residents. The data tables include births to residents of California by ZIP Code of residence (by residence).

Health Accounts by State of residence present aggregate and per capita estimates of health care spending by type of establishment delivering care (hospitals, physicians and clinics, nursing homes, etc.) and for medical products (prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and sundries and durable medical products such as eyeglasses and hearing aids) purchased in retail outlets. Source of funding aggregate and per enrollee estimates by state are also provided for Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Health Insurance.

To install hoteldruid locally you will need a web server (Apache recommended) with php support and one database between Mysql, Postgresql and Sqlite. For Windows there is also a local installer. For Debian and Debian-based Linux distros like Ubuntu there is available a package that will also install all required software. On other Linux distributions you'll normally find the required software included as precompiled packages. If you want to completely avoid the install process and use HotelDruid from anywhere connected to the Internet, subscribe to the DigitalDruid.Net HOSTING, where you will also find all hoteldruid add-on modules already pre-installed.After downloading it follow the instructions in the README carefully!

You can use the Data Downloads page to download Texas school district boundaries and ESC regions in a popular format for geographical data called a shapefile. The downloaded ZIP file archive for each data set includes six component files for the shapefile, plus metadata in HTML and XML formats.

ZIP is a $100,000 non-amortizing loan with no current interest. A ZIP loan may be forgiven over time with the approval of the Dean. This program can only be used in combination with the maximum amounts of a Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) loan, Deferred Interest Program (DIP) loan, and Reduced Interest Program (RIP) loan to purchase a qualifying residence.

The choice of geographic units will also influence the ADI value. In the case of the ADI the Census Block Group is the geographic unit of construction, as the Census Block Group is considered the closest approximation to a "neighborhood". As such, we can only recommend linking the ADI to census block groups as other geographic units (including 5-digit ZIP codes, ZCTA, and others) will not be valid. Please see the FAQ below for additional download and linkage guidance.

LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) used by OnTheMap are available for download below. Version 7 of LODES was enumerated by 2010 census blocks. Previous versions of LODES were enumerated with 2000 census blocks.

The Census Bureau's Veteran Employment Outcomes (VEO) are new statistics on Army veterans' labor market outcomes one, five, and 10 years after discharge, by military occupation, rank, demographics (age, sex, race, ethnicity, education), industry and geography of employment. These statistics are generated by linking veteran records provided by the U.S. Army to national administrative data on jobs at the U.S. Census Bureau. Coverage of the data is all enlisted soldiers in the Army who completed their initial term of service and were discharged between 2000 and 2015 (about 650,000 veterans). Although VEO currently covers only Army veterans, these statistics could potentially be expanded to other service branches. Documentation and CSV files are available for download here:

Aadhaar Paperless Offline e-KYC eliminates the need for the resident to provide photo copy of Aadhaar letter and instead resident can download the KYC XML and provide the same to agencies wanted to have his/her KYC. The agenc


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