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PayPal Adder Software 2018 Real Method

PayPal Adder Software 2018 Real Method

PayPal is one of the most popular and widely used online payment platforms in the world. Millions of people use PayPal to send and receive money, buy and sell goods and services, and more. However, some people are looking for ways to get free PayPal money without doing any work or verification. One of the methods that claim to do this is the PayPal Adder Software 2018 Real Method.


The PayPal Adder Software 2018 Real Method is a program that claims to generate free PayPal money by exploiting a loophole in the PayPal system. The program promises to add up to $1000 to your PayPal account within minutes, without requiring any personal information, credit card details, or human verification. The program also claims to be 100% safe, secure, and undetectable by PayPal.

However, before you get excited and download the PayPal Adder Software 2018 Real Method, you should know that this program is nothing but a scam. There is no such thing as free PayPal money, and there is no loophole in the PayPal system that can be exploited by a simple software. The PayPal Adder Software 2018 Real Method is designed to trick you into downloading a malicious file that can harm your computer, steal your personal information, or infect your device with viruses or malware.

Some of the signs that the PayPal Adder Software 2018 Real Method is a scam are:

  • The program is not available on any official or reputable website. The only way to get it is through shady links on social media, forums, or blogs that have no credibility or authority.

  • The program requires you to disable your antivirus or firewall before running it. This is a red flag that the program is trying to bypass your security measures and install malicious code on your device.

  • The program asks you to complete surveys, offers, or tasks before giving you the free PayPal money. This is a common tactic used by scammers to make money from your clicks or actions, or to collect your personal information for identity theft or spamming.

  • The program does not have any reviews, testimonials, or proof of payment from real users. The only feedback you can find are fake comments or videos that are created by the scammers themselves to promote their scam.

If you have already downloaded the PayPal Adder Software 2018 Real Method, you should delete it immediately and scan your device for any malware or viruses. You should also change your PayPal password and check your account for any unauthorized transactions or activities. You should never trust any program that claims to give you free money without any verification or work. The only real method to get money from PayPal is to earn it legitimately by providing value or service to others.

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